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WELCOME TO ASER Fencing Academy

Why Fencing?

  • It’s an Olympic and NCAA sport that you have a big chance compare to the other sports for a college scholarship in top colleges like Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, Duke, and Penn state

  • Highly prestigious sport

  • You can earn PE credits using your fencing classes

  • It's an extremely safe sport with minimum injuries that you can be sure nothing will happen to you while you follow the rules.

  • It's a kind of sport that you can do besides having a high level of education.

  • It’s a life-long sport that you can do at any age. Fencing doesn't have any limitations and you can enjoy it at any age you are.

  • It will improve all of your physical as well as mental readiness for your life. It will improve your speed, strength, agility, coordination, explosive power, aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, and different mental and psychological features that you need for your life.

  • Its an open-circuit sport that will always have something new and will never become repetitive and boring for you. It will provide different situations and levels during your career that will make new challenge to enjoy from them for you.


Aser Fencing Academy established by Dr. Abdollah Serajian in 2021 to provide people from beginners to professional fencers' all they need to enjoy fencing and become fencing champions. In ASER, we provide different services to support your physical, technical, tactical, and even psychological needs to go to the next level and finally become the best version of yourself. We are here to provide the newest and highest level of scientific methods to reach your goals. However, we highly believe that fencing can help you to learn about life as well. It's all about hard work, consistency, perseverance, passion, discipline, planning, and taking steps to reach your life goals. Thats why all of our fencers are like part of our family and we are trying to help our fencers to reach their life goals. It's important for us to keep you healthy, stress you physically in a right way and help you to improve step by step.

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