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Talent in fencing

Our research on the Iranian national fencers beside the results of the other studies from other countries showed that there are some specific physical  features in the fencing champions in different weapons that we can call all those as talents. Usually different coaches based on their experience assume different physical capacities like height, left handedness or speed as a talent of their students. While there may be different people out of this scope that may take amazing results, understanding of these features can help you to understand the reason behind success in different weapons and how to use your advantages in fencing. But at the same time, its part of the beauty of the fencing that you can find your way with every type of physical features you have. What matters most is that you understand these factors, understand their importance and then learn how to deal with them. However, over the years, researchs showed the most inportant factors in your success are your mental toughness, passion and consistency. So besides all of your talent, you need to put your heart on your work, get used to all up and downs and stay consistent on your path in order to achieve the best results.

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